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Analytics Container Environment (ACE) Nano

The ACE Nano is a repository that contains the work done to integrate the Nvidia Nano IoT device into the ACE Framework.

It is set up in two components:

  • Jetson setup
  • the YOLO (You Only Look Once algorithm) (darknet) inference server

Jetson Setup

This contains the information needed to recreate the setup that was deployed on the Jetson Nano. It contains its own which explains the setup process.

YOLO Object Detector using Common Objects in Context (COCO) Labels

This analytic integrates a YOLO object detector with ACE. This is done in a four-step process: registering the analytic, using ACE video frame handler to get video frames, YOLO to process video frame, and ACE video frame handler to return results. This example highlights the ease which ACE can integrate with analytics.


Created January 26, 2023