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Ari Feldman (Fed)

High-Speed Measurements Group Leader

Ari D. Feldman received his B.S. in Engineering Physics in 2006 and Ph.D. in Materials Science in 2012 from the Colorado school of Mines, Golden, CO, USA. His doctoral thesis involved the study of anomalous photoconductive decay measurements in silicon under high-optical-injection conditions. Continuing his research on photodetectors, in 2012 he joined the Sensors and Detectors Group as a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO. In the Fall of 2013, he was awarded the National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship and joined the High-Speed Measurements Group to develop high-speed photodetectors. As a staff researcher he has contributed to a variety of projects including the Gold Award winning LTE Impacts on GPS and Terahertz Synthesizer IMS. As of the spring of 2019, he is the Group Leader for the High-Speed Measurements Group.


Department of Commerce Gold Award for the NASCTN LTE Impacts on GPS


Electro-Optic Imaging Millimeter-Wave Propagation On-Wafer

Bryan Bosworth, Nick Jungwirth, Jerome Cheron, Franklyn Quinlan, Nate Orloff, Chris Long, Ari Feldman
We demonstrate an electro-optic imaging system for mmWaves propagating along a coplanar waveguide. Using dual optical frequency combs and a polarization

Radio Spectrum Occupancy Measurements Amid COVID-19 Telework and Telehealth

Dan Kuester, Xifeng Lu, Dazhen Gu, Azizollah Kord, Jake Rezac, Katie Carson, Marla L. Dowell, Elizabeth Eyeson, Ari Feldman, Keith Forsyth, Vu Le, John Marts, Mike McNulty, Kyle Neubarth, Andre Rosete, Matthew Ryan, Maija Teraslina
During the COVID-19 pandemic, NIST began a targeted campaign of measurements of averaged power and occupancy rate in the radio spectrum. The purpose was to

Electro-Optically Derived Arbitrary Millimeter-Wave Sources with 100 GHz of Bandwidth

Bryan Bosworth, Nick Jungwirth, Kassiopeia Smith, Jerome Cheron, Franklyn Quinlan, Madison Woodson, Jesse Morgan, Andreas Beling, Ari Feldman, Dylan Williams, Nate Orloff, Chris Long
We demonstrate fine phase and amplitude control of millimeter waves, measured on-wafer using an electro-optic frequency comb, programmable spectral filter, and
Created March 27, 2019, Updated February 16, 2023