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Thickness measurement of nm HfO2 films

K.J. Kim, A Kim, S.C. Kim, S.W. Song, H. Ruh, W.E.S. Unger, J. Radnik, J. Mata-Salazar, J.M. Juarez-Garcia, O. Cortazar-Martinez, A. Herrera-Gomez, P.E. Hansen, J.S. Madsen, C.A. Senna, B.S. Archanjo, J.C. Damasceno, C.A. Achete, H. Wang, M. Wang, Donald Windover, Eric B. Steel, A. Kurokawa, T. Fujimoto, Y. Azuma, S. Terauchi, L. Zhang, W.A. Jordaan, S.J. Spencer, A.G. Shard, L. Koenders, M. Krumrey, I. Busch, C. Jeynes
A pilot study for the thickness measurement of HfO2 films was performed by the Surface Analysis Working Group (SAWG) of the Consultative Committee for Amount of

Atom probe tomography

Ann Chiaramonti Debay, Baptiste Gault, Julie Cairney, Michael P. Moody, Oana Cojocaru-Miredin, Patrick Stender, Renelle Dubosq, Christoph Freysoldt, Surendra Kumar Makineni, Tong Li
Atom probe tomography (APT) provides three-dimensional compositional mapping with sub-nanometre resolution. The sensitivity of APT is in the range of parts per

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