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NIST's work in the metric space includes

  • basic research, such as our work on the redefinition of the SI (International System of Units, commonly known as the metric system)
  • a metric program that helps implement the national policy to establish the SI as the preferred system of weights and measures for U.S. trade and commerce. The metric program provides leadership and assistance on SI use and conversion to federal agencies, state and local governments, businesses, trade association, standards development organizations, educators, and the general public.

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Top 10 Tips for Teaching the Metric System

Calling all teachers, parents and students. It’s easy to learn the metric system — or, as it’s more formally called, the International System of Units (SI). Explore these top 10 tips for teaching the SI. Let’s begin the countdown with … 10. Make it fun! Integrating metric measurements into play activities is an easy way to motivate students to learn more, build self-confidence and transfer metric

NIST Brings Mass Measurement to the Masses

Metric Week 2023: Seven Days of SI Fun

Welcome 2023 NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows!

Upcoming Events

5907 Metric System Estimation

Thu, Aug 29 2024, 5:00 - 6:30pm EDT
The International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the metric system, is easy to use and learn when taught using