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Yaw S. Obeng (Fed)

Dr. Obeng has over 30 years of proven technical leadership in corporate, entrepreneurial and academic environments. Currently, he serves as a Research Chemist  in the Nanoscale Imaging Group in the Nanoscale Device Characterization Division. His current research interests include developing new measurements, physical models, and data analysis techniques and tools to enable quantitative and mechanistic assessment of reliability issues in emerging nanoelectronic devices. The developed metrology will aid advanced manufacturing, heterogeneous integration, security and commercialization of advanced complex integrated systems. See his Metrology for Emerging Integrated Systems Project for details.

Obeng previously worked with AT&T Bell Laboratories,  Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems and Texas Instruments. He has also co-founded two start-up companies (psiloQuest, Inc and Nkanea Technologies, Inc.) dedicated to the development of novel materials for semiconductor and optoelectronics fabrication. He is an inventor on over 50 U.S. and international patents, and has published over 150 papers in various technical publications. Dr. Obeng has a passion for mentoring; he has served on numerous graduate student dissertation committees.  He currently holds an adjunct Professorship at Clemson University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, Fellow of the American institute of Chemists and Senior Member of IEEE.


Patents (2018-Present)

System And Method For Monitoring Ultraviolet Radiation Bioremediation

NIST Inventors
Yaw S. Obeng
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) impose great burdens on public health; they are probably some of the toughest and the most pressing healthcare problems in acute-care hospitalization. Ultraviolet-C illumination effectively decontaminate surfaces to reduce the population of many HAI-inducing
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Authentication Article and Process for Making Same

NIST Inventors
Yaw S. Obeng and Joseph J. Kopanski
An authentication article includes: a substrate including: a first surface; a second surface disposed laterally to the first surface and at a depth below the first surface; and a plurality of indentations including the depth at the second surface of the substrate; and an array disposed on the
Created September 10, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022