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System And Method For Monitoring Ultraviolet Radiation Bioremediation

Published Patent Application Numer: 2022/0136967 A1


Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) impose great burdens on public health; they are probably some of the toughest and the most pressing healthcare problems in acute-care hospitalization. Ultraviolet-C illumination effectively decontaminate surfaces to reduce the population of many HAI-inducing microbes. Unfortunately, no industry-accepted standards exist for evaluating the decontamination efficacy.  Ideally, technology to detect microbial populations on surfaces will be very sensitive with low detection limits, rapid, and efficient to maintain the high turnover required by hospitals.  Furthermore, the measurement technology should be pathogen agnostic, and not be limited by probe-measurand interactions. In this invention, we discuss some recent advances in UV-antimicrobial metrology focused on underpinning the development of standards through a collaborative effort involving NIST, the ultraviolet industry and academic and public health stakeholders.

Created September 21, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023