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Nanoscale Device Characterization Division Groups

Alternative Computing Group
The Alternative Computing Group develops and provides innovative measurement instrumentation supporting nano-technology development with an emphasis on applications for future electronics.

Atom Scale Device Group
The Atom Scale Device Group focuses on developing and exploiting precision metrology at the interface between atomic and nanoscale systems where quantum science, technology and optics play a defining role.

Advanced Electronics Group
The group develops measurement science to accelerate the commercialization and manufacture of high performance and reliable electron devices for the electronics industry by developing new characterization techniques, physics-based models, and data analysis methods.

Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group
The Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group develops instruments that reveal the nanoscale physical and chemical processes and properties critical to advances in energy conversion, transport, and storage.

Nanoscale Spectroscopy Group
Conducts basic research to advance the optical and electrical measurement science infrastructure necessary for innovation in future nanoelectronic & thin-film devices, and their component materials.

Created December 11, 2018, Updated January 15, 2021