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Paul S. Julienne (Assoc)


Cruising Through Molecular Bound-State-Manifolds With Radio-Frequency

F Lang, P Van der Straten, B Brandstatter, G Thalhammer, K Winkler, Paul S. Julienne, R Grimm, J Hecker Denschlag
The emerging field of ultracold molecules with their rich internal structure is currently attracting a lot of interest. Various methods have been developed to

Molecular Production in Two Component Atomic Fermi Gases

J Chwedenczuk, K Goral, T K hler, Paul S. Julienne
We provide a practical approach to the molecular production via linear downward sweeps of Feshbach resonances in degenerate Fermi gases containing incoherent
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022