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Paul S. Julienne (Assoc)


Cruising Through Molecular Bound-State-Manifolds With Radio-Frequency

F Lang, P Van der Straten, B Brandstatter, G Thalhammer, K Winkler, Paul S. Julienne, R Grimm, J Hecker Denschlag
The emerging field of ultracold molecules with their rich internal structure is currently attracting a lot of interest. Various methods have been developed to

Molecular Production in Two Component Atomic Fermi Gases

J Chwedenczuk, K Goral, T K hler, Paul S. Julienne
We provide a practical approach to the molecular production via linear downward sweeps of Feshbach resonances in degenerate Fermi gases containing incoherent

Excited Thomas-Efimov Levels in Ultracold Gases

M D. Lee, T Koehler, Paul S. Julienne
Since the early days of quantum physics, the complex behavior of three interacting particles has been the subject of numerous experimental and theoretical
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021