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Nanoscale Spectroscopy Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christina Hacker Group Leader christina.hacker [at] Fed
Elizabeth Graham Group Office Manager elizabeth.graham [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Adam Biacchi adam.biacchi [at] Fed
Emily Bittle emily.bittle [at] Fed
Sean Blakley sean.blakley [at] Assoc
Alan Bristow alan.bristow [at] Assoc
Andrea Centrone andrea.centrone [at] Fed
Chad Cruz chad.cruz [at] Fed
Giuseppe Fumero giuseppe.fumero [at] IntlAssoc
Katelyn Goetz katelyn.goetz [at] Fed
Christina Hacker christina.hacker [at] Fed
Edwin J. Heilweil edwin.heilweil [at] Fed
Devon Jakob devon.jakob [at] Fed
Aaron Katzenmeyer aaron.m.katzenmeyer [at] Fed
Michele Kelley michele.kelley [at] Fed
Christine McGinn christine.mcginn [at] Fed
Robert D. McMichael robert.mcmichael [at] Fed
Swapnil Mhatre swapnil.mhatre [at] IntlAssoc
Nhan Van Nguyen nhan.nguyen [at] Assoc
Georges Pavlidis georges.pavlidis [at] Assoc
Jeremy Schultz jeremy.schultz [at] Fed
Jeffrey Schwartz jeffrey.schwartz [at] Assoc
Mihali Tsinonis mihali.tsinonis [at] Assoc
Jared Wahlstrand jared.wahlstrand [at] Fed