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Jared Wahlstrand

Dr. Wahlstrand's research interests are primarily in femtosecond time-resolved optical spectroscopy. His near-term plans include developing novel spectroscopic techniques based on bichromatic coherent control and applying ultrafast techniques to the Franz-Keldysh effect. He is also developing a capability for multidimensional optical spectroscopy experiments at NIST-Gaithersburg. Finally, he has a longstanding interest in measurements based on spectral interferometry, including of nonlinear susceptibilities.

Wahlstrand has a diverse background covering many aspects of nonlinear optics. He worked on impulsive stimulated Raman scattering experiments as a graduate student. As a postdoc at JILA/University of Colorado, he studied two-photon coherent control, the multiphoton Franz-Keldysh effect, and performed quantitative experiments of mode-locked laser dynamics. As a research scientist at the University of Maryland, he performed precise time-resolved measurements of the nonlinear refractive index in gases and studied ultrashort pulse laser-driven thermal and acoustic effects in gases.


Created October 29, 2018