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Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nikolai Zhitenev Group Leader nikolai.zhitenev [at] Fed
Amaya Wilson Group Office Manager amaya.wilson [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Steven R. Blankenship steve.blankenship [at] Fed
Sabyasachi Das sabyasachi.das [at] IntlAssoc
Robertus Elbertse robertus.elbertse [at] IntlAssoc
Hilfred Fernandez Ctr
Fereshte Ghahari Kermani fereshte.ghaharikermani [at] Assoc
Joseph Hagmann joseph.hagmann [at] Assoc
Paul M. Haney paul.haney [at] Fed
Rishav Harsh rishav.harsh [at] IntlAssoc
Rajibul Islam rajibul.islam [at] IntlAssoc
Sungmin Kim [at] Assoc
Nathaniel Kinsey nathaniel.kinsey [at] Assoc
Oleg Kirillov oleg.kirillov [at] Fed
Son Le son.le [at] Assoc
Farzad Mahfouzi farzad.mahfouzi [at] Assoc
Joshua Nagle Ctr
Fabian Natterer fabian.natterer [at] Assoc
Ruihao Ni [at] IntlAssoc
Valery Ortiz Jimenez valery.ortizjimenez [at] Fed
Curt A. Richter curt.richter [at] Fed
Robert Rienstra robert.rienstra [at] Assoc
Christoph Rohmann christoph.rohmann [at] Assoc
En-Min Shih en-min.shih [at] IntlAssoc
Joseph A. Stroscio joseph.stroscio [at] Fed
Nishat Sultana nishat.sultana [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Walkup daniel.walkup [at] Assoc
Fei Xue fei.xue [at] Assoc
Muqing Yu IntlAssoc
Nikolai Zhitenev nikolai.zhitenev [at] Fed
Neil M. Zimmerman neil.zimmerman [at] Fed