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Sungmin Kim

Sungmin Kim is a Visiting Researcher in the Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group. He received a B.S. and Ph.D in Physics from Seoul National University, Korea. His doctoral research focused on the epitaxial film growth of the iron based high Tc superconductors by pulsed laser deposition method, and its measurements by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. Sungmin is working with Joseph Stroscio, developing the ultrahigh temperature scanning probe microscope system to investigate the physical properties of graphene or topological insulators at the nanometer scale.

Selected Programs/Projects

  • Energy Bandgap and Edge States in an Epitaxially Grown Graphene/h-BN Heterostructure, B. Hwang, J. Hwang, J. K. Yoon, S. Lim, S. Kim, M. Lee, J. H. Kwon, H. Baek, D. Sung, G. Kim, S. Hong, J. Ihm, J. Stroscio, and Y. Kuk, Scientific Report 6, 31160 (2016)
  • Electron-Beam Assisted Growth of Hexagonal Boron-Nitride Layer, B. Hwang, J. Kwon, M. Lee, S.J. Lim, S. Jeon, S. Kim, U. Ham, Y.J. Song, Y. Kuk, Curr. Applied Physics 13, 1365 (2013)
  • Surface Reconstruction and Charge Modulation in BaFe2As2 Superconducting Film, S. Kim, S. Yi, M. Oh, B. Jang, W. Nam, Y.C. Yoo, M. Lee, H. Jeon, I. Zoh, H. Lee, K.H. Kim, J.H. Shim, Young Kuk. (to be submitted)
Created August 15, 2019, Updated October 9, 2019