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Maicol A. Ochoa (Assoc)

Maicol Ochoa is a PML/UMD Research Scientist in the Atom Scale Device Group and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received a B.S. in chemistry and a M.S. in mathematics from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical biology from Cornell University. His doctoral research focused on developing numerical and analytical models for the interpretation of single-molecule fluorescence trajectories in nanocatalysis.  Maicol later worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California in San Diego and the University of Pennsylvania.  His research interest include: quantum and mesoscale electron transport, nanoscale thermodynamics, nanoplasmonics and single molecule dynamics. Currently, he is working with Garnett Bryant developing tight-binding and transport models of atom-based quantum devices for quantum materials and simulators.

Selected Publications

  • Energy distribution and local fluctuations in strongly coupled open quantum systems: The extended resonant level model, M. A. Ochoa, A. Bruch, A. Nitzan. Physical Reviews B 94, 035420 (2016).
  • Pump-probe Noise Spectroscopy of Molecular Junctions, M. A. Ochoa, Y. Selzer, U. Peskin, M. Galperin. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6, 470-476 (2015).
  • Single Turnover Measurements of Nanoparticle Catalysis Analyzed with Dwell Time Correlation Functions and Constrained Mean Dwell Times, M. A. Ochoa, P. Chen and R. F. Loring. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 19074-19081 (2013).


Single-electron states of phosphorus-atom arrays in silicon

Maicol Ochoa, Keyi Liu, Michał Zieliński, Garnett W. Bryant
We characterize the single-electron energies and the wavefunction structure of arrays with two, three, and four phosphorus atoms in silicon by implementing
Created August 1, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022