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Alternative Computing Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jabez J. McClelland Group Leader jabez.mcclelland [at] Fed
Angela Kang Group Office Manager angela.kang [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Gina Adam gina.adam [at] Assoc
Temitayo Adeyeye temitayo.adeyeye [at] IntlAssoc
Robert Bloom robert.bloom [at] Assoc
William Borders william.borders [at] Fed
Matthew Daniels matthew.daniels [at] Fed
Robert Edwards robert.edwards [at] Assoc
Sidra Gibeault sidra.gibeault [at] Assoc
Brian Hoskins brian.hoskins [at] Fed
Imtiaz Hossen imtiaz.hossen [at] IntlAssoc
Brenton Knuffman brenton.knuffman [at] Assoc
Nathaniel Lawson nathaniel.lawson [at] Assoc
Advait Madhavan advait.madhavan [at] Assoc
Jabez J. McClelland jabez.mcclelland [at] Fed
Jingjia Meng jingjia.meng [at] IntlAssoc
Stephen Moxim stephen.moxim [at] Fed
Daniel T. Pierce daniel.pierce [at] Assoc
Nitin Prasad nitin.prasad [at] IntlAssoc
Karthick Ramu karthick.ramu [at] Fed
Joseph Riem joseph.riem [at] Assoc
David M. Rutter david.rutter [at] Fed
Jason Ryan jason.ryan [at] Fed
Adam Steele adam.steele [at] Assoc
Mark Stiles mark.stiles [at] Fed
Elise Treat elise.treat [at] Fed
Osama Yousuf osama.yousuf [at] IntlAssoc