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Advanced Electronics Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jason Campbell Group Leader jason.campbell [at] Fed
Angela Kang Group Office Manager angela.kang [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Akin Akturk akin.akturk [at] Assoc
Bryan Barnes bryan.barnes [at] Fed
Jason Campbell jason.campbell [at] Fed
Kin (Charles) Cheung kin.cheung [at] Fed
Caroline Colangelo caroline.colangelo [at] Fed
Trey Diulus john.diulus [at] Fed
Robert Gougelet robert.gougelet [at] Assoc
Jiung Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Yanghyo Kim Assoc
Andrei Kolmakov andrei.kolmakov [at] Fed
Joseph J. Kopanski joseph.kopanski [at] Assoc
Karthik Krishnan karthik.krishnan [at] IntlAssoc
Qiliang Li Assoc
Benjamin Lyon benjamin.lyon [at] Fed
Ory Maimon ory.maimon [at] Assoc
Hamdi Mani Assoc
Philbert Marsh Assoc
Yaw S. Obeng yaw.obeng [at] Fed
Sujitra Pookpanratana sujitra.pookpanratana [at] Fed
Abhishek Sharma IntlAssoc
Pragya Shrestha pragya.shrestha [at] Fed
Martin Sohn martin.sohn [at] Fed
Evgheni Strelcov evgheni.strelcov [at] Fed
Yu Xin Wen yuxin.wen [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew Winchester andrew.winchester [at] Fed