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Joshua M. Pomeroy

Josh Pomeroy is an experimental physicist at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Atomic Scale Devices Group. He performs fundamental research that seeks to understand how improvements in existing materials, device fabricated from those materials, and their processing can improve the performance of systems used in technology and metrology. In recent years, he has focused on high yield and simplified schemes for tunnel barriers and devices to promote the development of solid state quantum information sciences (QIS). Two main thrust areas of this work involve 1) designing measurements and devices to better understand how coherence is preserved through enrichment and purifications, and, 2) determining whether high-quality (low defect density) metal oxides can be used in conjunction with semiconductor quantum devices to simplify control or facilitate transduction to superconducting systems. Dr. Pomeroy graduated from Cornell University with a M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics and received his undergraduate degree in physics from Boston University.

Taking Measure Blog

Seeking the Power of Quantum Computing in Silicon

Selected Programs/Projects

MOS Quantum Devices in MBE grown silicon enriched to 99.99998%

Low loss metal oxides for MOS surface gates and transduction to superconducting circuits

Quantifying the environmental contributions to mass change

Fabrication and Metrology of Novel Magnetic Tunnel Junctions in the Ultra-thin Barrier Limit (Completed)

Selected News

Universe in the Balance

Blazing a Path for Buried Bits in Quantum Chips

Beyond Six Nines: Ultra-enriched Silicon Paves the Road to Quantum Computing

Surface Detail: Oscillator to Explore Secrets of Mass Variation

Enriched Silicon: Going for Four Nines

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Targeted enrichment of 28Si thin films for quantum computing

Ke Tang, Hyun S. Kim, Aruna N. Ramanayaka, David S. Simons, Joshua M. Pomeroy
We report on the growth of isotopically enriched 28Si epitaxial films with precisely controlled enrichment levels, ranging from natural abundance ratio of 92.2%
Created October 9, 2019, Updated April 27, 2020