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Garnett W. Bryant

Garnett Bryant is a theoretical condensed matter physicist at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and group leader of the Atom Scale Devices Group. He is also a fellow of the NIST/University of Maryland Joint Quantum Institute. He performs fundamental research on atomic-scale solid-state quantum devices, such as dopant-based devices in silicon, as well as nanoscale quantum and photonic devices including semiconductor quantum dots and wires and metal nanoparticles. He has done extensive work to develop and exploit atomistic modeling of these structures. This provides the basis for studies of dopant-based Si quantum devices, spin physics in quantum dots and wires, and the many-body physics in atomic-scale systems used for quantum simulators. Other interests include quantum plasmonics and nanooptics.


Atomistic Modeling of Atom-scale and Nanoscale Quantum Systems

From Q Lab to Quantum Simulators


Created October 9, 2019