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Atom Scale Device Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Garnett W. Bryant Group Leader garnett.bryant [at] Fed
Maggie Quick Group Office Manager maggie.quick [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Tommy Boykin tommy.boykin [at] Assoc
Garnett W. Bryant garnett.bryant [at] Fed
Eleanor Crane eleanor.crane [at] IntlAssoc
Sabyasachi Das sabyasachi.das [at] IntlAssoc
Arpit Dua arpit.dua [at] IntlAssoc
Nikki Ebadollahi nikki.ebadollahi [at] Assoc
Fan Fei fan.fei [at] IntlAssoc
Joseph Fox [at] Assoc
Srilekha Gandhari srilekha.gandhari [at] IntlAssoc
Michael Gullans michael.gullans [at] Fed
Paul S. Julienne paul.julienne [at] Assoc
Nathaniel Kinsey nathaniel.kinsey [at] Assoc
Vijin Kizhake Veetil vijin.kizhakeveetil [at] IntlAssoc
Svetlana Alexandrovna Kotochigova svetlana.kotochigova [at] Assoc
Antonio Levy antonio.levy [at] Assoc
Runze Li [at] IntlAssoc
Yan Li [at] IntlAssoc
Arthur Lin arthur.lin [at] Assoc
Keyi Liu keyi.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Kyungjean Min kyungjean.min [at] IntlAssoc
Pradeep Namboodiri pradeep.namboodiri [at] Fed
Pradeep Niroula pradeep.niroula [at] IntlAssoc
Maicol Ochoa maicol.ochoadaza [at] Assoc
Matthew Pelton matthew.pelton [at] Assoc
Joshua M. Pomeroy joshua.pomeroy [at] Fed
Eva Rissanen eva.rissanen [at] Assoc
Richard M. Silver richard.silver [at] Fed
Alexander Skripnik Ctr
Michael Stewart michael.stewart [at] Fed
Worasak Sukkabot worasak.sukkabot [at] IntlAssoc
Emily Townsend emily.townsend [at] Assoc
FNU Utsav fnu.utsav [at] IntlAssoc
Sumedh Vangara sumedh.vangara [at] Assoc
Christopher White christopher.d.white [at] Assoc
Jonathan Wyrick jonathan.wyrick [at] Fed
Dilek Yildiz dilek.yildiz [at] IntlAssoc
Neil M. Zimmerman neil.zimmerman [at] Fed