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MCV Quality of Experience Measurement Methods

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MCV QoE Measurement Methods_On-Demand
MCV QoE Measurement Methods_On-Demand
Mission Critical Voice (MCV) QoE measurement methods are being developed by NIST/PSCR to determine levels of key performance indicators (KPI) and to provide fair comparison mechanisms for Push-To-Talk (PTT) technologies. Mouth-to-ear (M2E) latency and end-to-end access time measurement methods and test results were discussed at previous stakeholder meetings. Building upon that foundation, NIST/PSCR has further developed the measurement method to quantify end-to-end access time of P25 LMR technologies using encryption as well as LTE PTT technologies. The end-to-end access time measurement method and test results will be reviewed. Further work will include determining the probability of access and the probability of retaining communications by performing extensive field testing of PTT technologies. The goals of this further testing will be discussed.

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  • Tim Thompson, PSCR
  • Steve Voran, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
  • Jaden Pieper, PSCR
  • Jesse Frey, PSCR

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Created May 11, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020