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NIST Services & Products Available for Purchase

NIST offers a number of services and products that other organizations and businesses can purchase. The list of items below is a sampling, but is not exhaustive.

Standard Reference Materials

NIST supports accurate and compatible measurements by certifying and providing more than 1,200 Standard Reference Materials® with well-characterized composition or properties, or both. These materials are used to perform instrument calibrations in units as part of overall quality assurance programs, to verify the accuracy of specific measurements and to support the development of new measurement methods.

Standard Reference Data

For more than 50 years, NIST has developed and distributed Standard Reference Data in Chemistry, Engineering, Fluids and Condensed Phases, Material Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Physics..

Calibration Services

The calibration services NIST provides help customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity. These services include dimensional, electromagnetic, ionizing radiation, mechanical, optical radiation, thermodynamic, and time and frequency calibrations.

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

The Baldrige Program oversees the nation's only Presidential award for performance excellence while offering criteria, assessments, tools, training and a community for those dedicated to helping organizations improve.

Created December 17, 2015, Updated November 17, 2019