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MCV QoE Access Delay Measurement Demonstration

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MCV QoE_Tech Demo
MCV QoE_Tech Demo
Mission Critical Voice (MCV) QoE measurement methods are being developed by NIST/PSCR to determine levels of key performance indicators (KPI) and to provide fair comparison mechanisms for Push To Talk (PTT) technologies. Mouth-to-ear (M2E) latency and end-to-end access time measurement methods and test results were discussed at previous stakeholder’s meeting. Building upon that foundation, NIST/PSCR has further developed the measurement method to quantify end-to-end access time of P25 LMR technologies using encryption as well as LTE PTT technologies. The end-to-end access time measurement method will be demonstrated.


  • chelsea.greene [at] (Chelsea Greene)NIST PSCR
  • zainab.soetan [at] (Zainab Soetan)NIST PSCR

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Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 26, 2020