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7000+ First Responders Have More To Say

Nationwide Usability Survey Results at Your Fingertips

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7000  First Responders Have More to Say_On-Demand Session
7000 First Responders Have More to Say_On-Demand Session
Come learn more about what 7000+ first responders have to say about current and futureTechnology! Building on our high-level survey overview in the 2019 Stakeholders Meeting, we now present new analyses and a deeper dive into findings from the NIST nationwide usability survey, covering four major public safety disciplines—Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, and 911/Dispatch. This broad survey sample has representation from every FEMA Region (including all states and the District of Columbia), different areas (urban, suburban, and rural), and jurisdictions (local, county, state, federal). With survey topics ranging from current to future technology, and from day-to-day usage to major events, we offer an extensive view of the public safety technology landscape. The NIST survey dataset offers a picture of the state of technology across the U.S. that is both timely and indispensable for industry developers, researchers, and first responder organizations alike—and now publicly available via a new web tool!

Click here to view this presentation as a PDF.


  • Yee-Yin Choong, Information Technology Laboratory
  • Shaneé Dawkins, Information Technology Laboratory
  • Sandra Spickard-Prettyman, Information Technology Laboratory

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Created May 12, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020