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2020 CHARIoT Challenge: Advancing First Responder Communications

PSCR CHARIoT Challenge logo: advancing first responder communications

The CHARIoT Challenge, hosted by PSCR and its challenge partners, invites innovators to build augmented reality (AR) interfaces or Internet of Things (IoT) data emulators by participating in a multi-phase contest. The Challenge is running two multi-phase contests, simultaneously: Build Augmented Reality Interfaces for First Responder and Emulate Smart City Data for Disaster Scenarios. PSCR and its challenge partners will award prizes and technical services valued up to $1,100,000.


Emulate Smart City Data for Disaster Scenarios Contest

Congratulations to the following Phase 3 Winners!

  • Team FRITES
  • Team Smart IoT

Build Augmented Reality Interfaces for First Responders Contest

Congratulations to the following Phase 3 Winners!

  • ARCortex
  • BadVR INC
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Team Helmet
  • ENGR Dynamics
  • JANUS Research Group
  • LifesavAR -IUPUI HCI
  • NextGen Interactions
  • North Star Simulations (NSS) 
  • Reality Garage
  • Screen Door Laboratories 

This image contains a shield with a banner announcing a total of $888,000 AR contest prize pool.

Augmented Reality Contest – up to $888,000 in prizes

AR Contestants will create augmented reality interfaces for public safety to improve communications in four emergency scenarios. They will earn points by creating augmented reality interfaces for first responders or incident command utilizing smart building and personal area network sensor data. Successful contestants will design and integrate streams of live data into augmented reality interfaces. The final interfaces will be evaluated at a public safety training center. 


This image contains a shield announcing a total of $212,000 in the IoT contest prize pool.

Internet of Things Contest – up to $212,000 in Prizes

IoT Contestants will develop a data appliance capable of emulating smart city data streams in four emergency scenarios. They’ll determine the best building and personal area network sensors which are most useful for first responders to successfully complete their tasks in four provided emergency scenarios. Successful contestants will transmit the simulated data during a live competition at a public safety training center. 

The contests call upon startups, developers, data gurus, engineers, and user experience experts to develop solutions that can identify and transmit scenario-accurate city and personal network data streams or deliver first responders actionable and intuitive augmented reality interfaces. 

Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services crews cannot respond efficiently without proper situational awareness. Up to now, they’ve relied on eyewitness, radio and traditional communications channels for information. But IoT devices, smart buildings and smart cities also have the potential to provide tremendous amounts of information that remain largely inaccessible by first responders and incident command officers. 

Through the CHARIoT Challenge, the AR and IoT contestants will demonstrate these IoT data streams and integrate them into actionable AR solutions that together will help public safety communicate and respond more efficiently. By empowering America’s first responders with the leading-edge technology, together, we can save lives.


Review the Official Rules at

Image for PSCR CHARIoT Challenge partners FirstNet, FirstNet by AT&T, MSA Safety, BlueForce, and Magic Leap
Created March 6, 2020, Updated September 21, 2020