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Team Emergency Response Information System (ERIS) – ARCortex

ARCortex Inc. Logo

Demonstration of the Emergency Response Information System for Fire Service and Rescue Operations

ARCortex Inc.

ARCortex was awarded a separate, one-year award to test and iterate upon their Emergency Response Information System (E.R.I.S.), an augmented reality platform, with San Bernardino County Fire Protection District. Their E.R.I.S. platform leverages real-time data from external data sources and user input to display data and to annotate the real world. The platform also allows for distribution and communication of real-time information quickly and efficiently across all divisions and groups of first responders in the field. Following the demonstration projects, they plan to make their system accessible to the public safety communities involved in the demonstration, along with a report of their findings.

Meet the Team

Yohan Baillot, ARCortex Inc.*
Laurent Levy, Pegasus Real Estate USA*
Casey Stevenson, Ryca Motors*
Cody Newcomer, Cosumnes Fire Department*
San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, public safety partner*
Michael Yeiser, Fallen Dragon Studios; 
Cory Workman, Fallen Dragon Studios;
Justin Quarisa, Cosumnes Fire Department
* Team involved in 2022-2023 Demonstration Project

CHARIoT Challenge Awards

4th place - $10,000 Prize
Top Incident Command Interface – Mass Transit Accident Scenario - $2,50

Total value of prizes received through the CHARIoT Challenge: $39,500

About the Team for the CHARIoT Challenge

ERIS Technologies logo

Team ERIS – is a collaboration between ARCortex, Fallen Dragon Studios LLC, MCKINZIE SMART TECHNOLOGIES, and the Cosumnes Fire Department (California). Together, the team brought over 25 Years of augmented reality R&D experience with ten years of first responder focus and more than five decades of cumulative subject matter experts in incident response and public safety. 

Yohan Baillot, ARCortex Inc.
Yohan Baillot (ARCortex Inc). has over 25 years of experience with Augmented Reality technology, mainly working with the US Army and Navy and enterprise clients. Baillot founded ARCortex INC in 1999, capitalizing on its experience and offering AR software development and integration services for the enterprise and defense markets, and producing the WorldEngine platform allowing developers to create large-scale multi-users cross-platform AR experiences much faster. Baillot has an MS in EE and an MS in CS and is the author of 6 AR patents and more than 20 academic papers, and is currently an advisor of the Open AR Cloud.  

Captain (ret.) Kirk McKinzie (MCKINZIE SMART TECHNOLOGIES)
Captain (ret.) Kirk McKinzie (MCKINZIE SMART TECHNOLOGIES) has over 30 years of experience as a firefighter (~10,000 emergencies) and founded McKinzie Smart Technologies, LLC. His background includes more than a decade working in and adjacent to the 3D-built and digital twin eco-system and focusing on saving the lives of community members, first responders, and peacekeepers. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati, Fire Science Program teaching Next-Gen High-Tech. He began his next-generation technology work on, which has received international acclaim for 3D enabled SMART Community Risk Reduction and first response.

Cory Workman, Fallen Dragon Studios
Cory Workman, President at Fallen Dragon Studios, has 22 years of experience in real-time visual simulation, 3D modeling, and training simulation. He has worked on training systems supporting the National Fire Academy, the NavSea program, The National Guard, and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. He oversaw the creation of a VR prototype for training Navy cadets in patient flows. He possesses a BFA in Computer Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Michael Yeiser, Fallen Dragon Studios
Michael Yeiser, Co-Founder of Fallen Dragon Studios, is a 3D Artist and Multimedia Specialist currently focused on AR/VR development. Michael began his 20+ year career at Take 2 Interactive as a 3D Artist working on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation game titles. He has spent the last 17 years in the development of real-time visual training and simulation projects. Michael has led teams developing training systems supporting U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy NavSea, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, U.S.M.C., N.J. National Guard, National Fire Academy, He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Justin Quarisa, Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department
Justin Quarisa, Firefighter, Paramedic of the Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department, served as the public safety partner. He has been a critical partner in developing the agency's SMART program (aka 911-go), including support of live fires for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, on the AI program AUDREY. His work has been published in Fire Engineering Magazine, FireRescue1, TechWire, and a local news affiliate. Justin also serves as a Logistics Specialist as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Force 7 team, based in Sacramento.

ERIS Technologies Overview
ERIS Technologies Overview

The Solution

Emergency Response Information system (ERIS) is a multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) platform that leverages real-time data from external interfaced sources and user input to display relevant information, using iconography to annotate the natural world.  The system communicates real-time information visually, quickly, and efficiently to first responders in the field.

Key Feature

  • Connects to MQTT sensor server to get real-time IoT data with support for configurable JSON Schemas.  
  • Mobile and command center use modes take advantage of world space for the command center and allow the mobile user to have an improved field of view. 
  • Multi-user Multi-platform (tested on MagicLeap/mobile HUB or phone) and eyewear supported for all-hazard incidents. 
  • Multi-data synchronization (user positions, Point-to-point video support, points of interest (POIs), sensors via open REST API)
Created November 10, 2021, Updated June 20, 2023