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IoT Environments: Examining Data Foundations

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IoT Environments: Examining Data Foundations_On-Demand Session
IoT Environments: Examining Data Foundations_On-Demand Session
For three years, PSCR and DHS have been working together to evaluate the state of Internet of Things and personal area networks for first responders. In 2020, our scope has widened to look beyond the personal area network and determine the data that the first responder needs from these systems. From there, we will show how these systems can integrate beyond on-the-body sensors into smart buildings. This session aims to explain how we are identifying the data that sensor systems must be able to provide first responders, and how the first responder community can help inform technology developers to create the products public safety needs.

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  • Alison Kahn, PSCR

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Created May 12, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020