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Connecting the First Responder's Environment

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Connecting the First Responder's Environment On-Demand Session
Connecting the First Responder's Environment On-Demand Session
First responders require immediate and concise information to fully evaluate responder events. In many first responder events, a building or structure is involved with some degree of importance. Knowledge of building structures and current building environments is paramount to successfully fulfilling events involving a building. To investigate this fact, PSCR is evaluating the current state of smart building technology, potentials for the sharing of building data, and potential use cases and scenarios for building technology. The ultimate goal is to provide guidance and recommendations to the public safety community and smart building technology vendors of the potential benefits of smart building data sharing. This presentation discusses the current state of building technology, the type of data first response receives about a building and potential data sharing technologies that could be used by public safety.

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  • Don Harriss, PSCR 

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Created May 12, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020