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NICE Webinar Series

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)

The NICE Webinar Series is designed to bring you information to help enhance the cybersecurity education, training, and workforce efforts of the nation. 

NICE webinars are delivered live using online audio and video/image presentation technology, allowing you to interact directly with the host, speakers, and guests through your web browser.

*Denotes special event

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Upcoming Webinar:


Webinars typically take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 2-3pm ET except during the months of August and December. 

Webinar Archives:

 June 12, 2024Empowering Refugee Communities in Cybersecurity Roles
May 8, 2024Equity Strategies in Youth Apprenticeship Programs and Partnerships 
April 30, 2024Reintegrating Justice-Involved Individuals into Cybersecurity Careers
*April 8, 2024Applicant’s Webinar: 2024 NICE RAMPS Funding Opportunity
March 20, 2024Unlocking the Potential: Cybersecurity Careers for the Neurodiverse 
 February 21, 2024Expanding Cybersecurity Learning and Workforce Opportunities for Rural Americans
January 17, 2024Cybersecurity Workforce Outlook for 2024 - Impact of Changing Demographics


November 15, 2023Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Programs That Incorporate an Academic Degree
*October 19, 2023Cybersecurity Paths and Ladders Webinar
October 18, 2023Cultivating Cybersecurity Leaders: The New Cybersecurity Career Ambassador Program
*October 17, 2023International Tour of Cybersecurity Careers: Stories Told by Current Practitioners
September 20, 2023The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on Education and Workforce
*September 6, 2023#ChooseCyber - Insider Tips for Cybersecurity Career Week 2023
July 19, 2023Securing Space: The Next Frontier for Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development 
June 21, 2023Community-Based Partnerships for Cybersecurity
*June 13, 2023Applicant’s Webinar: NICE RAMPS Funding Opportunity
January 26, 2023Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Cybersecurity Career


November 14, 2022Using Registered Apprenticeships to Source Mid-Career Roles in Cybersecurity
October 19, 2022Preparing for Careers in Cybersecurity and Privacy with Internships
September 21, 2022Overcoming the Entry-Level Job in Cybersecurity Conundrum
July 20, 2022Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Cybersecurity Career
June 29, 2022Creating the Infrastructure Needed for Scalable Learning and Employment Records
May 18, 2022Showing Our Appreciation of Military Veterans and Spouses By Supporting Cybersecurity Career Opportunities
April 20, 2022Cybersecurity Considerations for The Quantum Information Science Technology (QIST) Workforce
March 16, 2022The NICE Framework at Work - Use Cases from Industry
February 15, 2022Computational Literacy - A New Literacy Necessary for the Future of Learning and Work
January 27, 2022Mentorship Models to Enhance Diversity and Increase Persistence in Cybersecurity Careers


December 15, 2021Witnessing an Evolution- The NICE Framework and its Role in Building a Better Cybersecurity Workforce
October 20, 2021Digital Citizenship- Safety and Security for an Online World
September 15, 2021The Information Technology Workforce and Skills for the Future
July 21, 2021Securing Operational Technologies and Control Systems with a Skilled Workforce
May 19, 2021Accredited Credential Programs- Building Trust Between Employers and Credential Providers Through Rigorous Assessments
April 21, 2021Getting Girls into STEM and Cybersecurity - Pathways to Progress
March 17, 2021Advancing Skills-Based Education and Hiring Through the Open Skills Network 
February 17, 2021Top Ten Ways to Discover a Cybersecurity Career That Is Right for You 
January 19, 2021The Credentialing Economy and What It Means for Cybersecurity Skills


December 16, 2020Competencies - The Next Frontier for Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap
October 21, 2020Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap at Scale - Introducing Learning and Employment Records
September 16, 2020Educating Youth for a Cybersecurity Future 
July 15, 2020What’s New - Revisions to the NICE Framework
June 17, 2020The Challenge of That First Job in Cybersecurity: Entry Level Roles and How to Qualify
May 13, 2020The Continuity of Learning and Skills Development in Virtual Environments
April 17, 2020Applicants Webinar: NICE Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) - K12 Cybersecurity Outreach Program
April 15, 2020The Role of the School Counselor in Promoting Cybersecurity Career Opportunities
March 18, 2020NICE Framework Uses and Success Stories
February 19, 2020The Intersection of the Privacy and Cybersecurity Workforce
January 29, 2020Learning Principles for Cybersecurity Practice


December 18, 2019Shopping Safely Online and the Work of Cybersecurity Awareness and Behavior Change
December 3, 2019How You Can Influence an Update to the NICE Framework
November 13, 2019Cybersecurity Career Opportunities with the Federal Government
September 18, 2019Understanding Interventions that Broaden Underrepresented Minority Participation in Cybersecurity Careers
July 17, 2019How Talent Management Systems Help You Manage Your Cybersecurity Human Capital
June 19, 2019Tools in the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Toolbox
May 15, 2019Presidential Executive Order on America’s Cybersecurity Workforce - Enhancing Workforce Mobility and Supporting the Development of Cybersecurity Skills
April 17, 2019Women in Cybersecurity: Finding, Attracting and Cultivating Talent
March 20, 2019Computational Thinking and Skills: A Foundation for STEM and Cybersecurity Education


December 19, 2018Encouraging Cybersecurity Career Discovery via Career Assessment Tools
November 14, 2018Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce for Cybersecurity Roles
October 10, 2018The Underserved Cybersecurity Workforce - Securely Provisioning our Future
September 12, 2018AfterSchool Programs Present Opportunities to Grow the Cybersecurity Workforce
July 18, 2018State Governments Pursuing New Tactics in the War for a Skilled Cybersecurity Workforce
June 27, 2018Cybersecurity Education and Training for the Operational Technology Workforce
May 16, 2018Preparing Students through Career and Technical Education and Cybersecurity Programs of Study
March 21, 2018The Evolution of Federal Government Cybersecurity Education and Scholarship Programs
February 21, 2018Development of Soft Skills That Are In Demand by Cybersecurity Employers
January 17, 2018Writing Cybersecurity Position Descriptions for the Greatest Impact


November 15, 2017A Path to Obtaining Cybersecurity Work Experience: Internships, Cooperative Education, and Apprenticeships
October 18, 2017Cybersecurity Careers for Autistic People
September 20, 2017Efforts to Align Training and Certifications to the NICE Framework
July 19, 2017Shedding Light on Security Clearances - Process, Requirements, and Considerations
June 21, 2017Positioning the National Guard and Civilian Organizations to Augment the Cybersecurity Workforce
June 5, 2017The President's Executive Order on Cybersecurity Workforce: Next Steps and How to Engage
June 1, 2017Applicant's Webinar: NICE Notice of Funding Opportunity 2017
April 19, 2017Rethinking Credentials for Cybersecurity Careers
March 15, 2017Building a Career Pathways System for Cybersecurity
February 15, 2017Best Practices for Educating, Training, Attracting, and Retaining Millennials
January 18, 2017Cybersecurity Games: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce


December 7, 2016Cybersecurity for Computer Science
November 16, 2016Building Your Cybersecurity Team with Apprenticeships
May 18, 2016NICE RAMPS Federal Funding Opportunity Applicant's Webinar




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