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NICE Webinar - Unlocking the Potential: Cybersecurity Careers for the Neurodiverse

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)
NICE Webinar- Unlocking the Potential Cybersecurity Careers for the Neurodiverse-20240320 1800-1
NICE Webinar- Unlocking the Potential Cybersecurity Careers for the Neurodiverse-20240320 1800-1

The presentation slides are available here

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Jennifer Sheehy
Credit: Jennifer Sheehy

Jennifer Sheehy
Deputy Assistant Secretary 
Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)
U.S. Department of Labor

Teresa Thomas
Credit: Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas
Program Lead, Neurodiverse Talent Enablement

Marian Merritt Resized Photo

Marian Merritt
Deputy Director


Join us for an enlightening webinar dedicated to exploring the vast potential of cybersecurity careers for neurodiverse individuals. Neurodiversity encompasses a range of neurological differences, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more, and individuals within this diverse community often possess unique talents and perspectives that make them well-suited for cybersecurity roles. This webinar aims to highlight the valuable contributions neurodiverse individuals can make to the cybersecurity field and to provide insights into creating inclusive environments where their talents can thrive. Expert speakers will share personal experiences, discuss best recruitment and workplace accommodations practices, and showcase success stories of neurodiverse individuals flourishing in cybersecurity careers. 


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Created February 16, 2024, Updated June 10, 2024