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NICE Webinar: A Path to Obtaining Cybersecurity Work Experience: Internships, Cooperative Education, and Apprenticeships

NICE Webinar Archives Photo


The PowerPoint slides used during  the webinar can be downloaded here.


Vicki Baker

Director of Cyber Research Initiatives
University of Cincinnati

V Baker Photo

Morgan Zantua

Director of Workforce Development –Center for Information Assurance Cybersecurity
University of Washington

M Zantua Photo

Joe Jenkins

Team Lead
Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor

US DoL Graphic


A common barrier to entering the cybersecurity workforce is the lack of related work experience that is often expected by employers - a dilemma for both employers facing a cybersecurity workforce shortage and job seekers who are looking to start a career in cybersecurity. While there are some traditional ways for students or job seekers to develop work experience, the cybersecurity talent gap demands more creative approaches and may require a paradigm shift. This webinar will focus on a variety of underutilized and emerging work-based learning or experiential learning methods such as internships, cooperative education, apprenticeships, and more.



Created October 18, 2017, Updated September 6, 2018