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Cybersecurity Career Week

2024 Cybersecurity Career Week Banner October 14-19, 2024
Credit: NIST

Explore – Experience – Share
Inspiring and promoting awareness & exploration of cybersecurity careers

Explore Resources

Join us on October 14-19, 2024 in promoting awareness & exploration of cybersecurity careers by hosting an event, participating in an event near you, or engaging students with cybersecurity content!


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About the Campaign

Learn more about Cybersecurity Career Week

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Discovering Cybersecurity Careers

Examine resources about cybersecurity careers

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Cybersecurity in Your Community

Explore cybersecurity in your neighborhood


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Ideas for Engagement

Search ideas to promote careers in cybersecurity

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Special Events

Discover our live events page

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Make it official


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Expand Year-Round

Build awareness about cybersecurity careers throughout the year

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 Work Role Videos

Explore a day in the life of cybersecurity practitioners 

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Social Media

Help us spread the word

Created December 13, 2019, Updated February 23, 2024