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NICE Tutorials

| Resume Writing | Interviewing TechniquesNICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework 101 |

The NICE Tutorials are a series of instructional webinars designed to provide important information to a wide audience on a variety of cybersecurity education and workforce development-related topics. The following tutorials contain a mixture of videos and corresponding files to illustrate basic principles and procedures for each topic.  

Resume Writing


NICE Tutorial: Resume Writing
NICE Tutorial: Resume Writing

Tools: Resume Writing Workbook, Resume Template

Synopsis: The average employer will spend six seconds looking at a resume. It is vital for job seekers to have an understanding of how to put their best foot forward, and that includes having a resume that is simple, yet compelling. What information needs to be included, and what should never appear on a resume? How should dates be formatted? How many pages should a resume be? This tutorial webinar will explain how to write an effective resume. Included under the tutorial are links to interactive materials to follow along and write your own resume following the advice in the video.

Interviewing Techniques


NICE Tutorial: Interviewing Techniques
NICE Tutorial: Interviewing Techniques

Synopsis: Job interviews are often intimidating, especially if one is unsure what to expect. It may be difficult to feel prepared for all of the possible topics that could be covered in an interview and still keep manners and attire and various other interviewer expectations in mind. What kinds of questions do interviewers typically ask? How can I present myself in a way that makes an employer want to hire me? What does “tell us about your greatest weakness” really mean? This tutorial webinar will explain the interview process to better prepare job seekers for interviews, specifically those seeking federal employment.

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework 101


NICE Tutorial:  Framework 101
NICE Tutorial: Framework 101

Synopsis: Many people are aware that hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity positions in America are currently unfilled. However, very few people know how broad and varied the field of cybersecurity actually is and how to construct a workforce that meets their mission goals. The NICE Framework categorizes and describes cybersecurity work. The online searchable resource for the NICE Framework allows workforce developers, educators, and job seekers to explore specific work roles and knowledge, skills and abilities that are tied to each work role. This tutorial webinar will walk through the NICE Framework website and explore how to navigate the various work roles and associated links.

Created August 6, 2018, Updated December 7, 2020