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Cybersecurity Awards

Commercial Products:
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With all the learning and innovation, should come awards and celebrations to recognize the achievements that have happened. Listed below are various awards that you can either nominate others for or yourself within the cybersecurity field. Each award has a brief description, what sector it is geared towards, and the recipient type to assist you in finding the right award(s) for you. 

The following links are to the award’s websites where additional information can be found about the nomination process or possible costs.

Please note that this site will continue to be updated as new information is gathered and edited for clarity and accuracy.

This page is continually updated. Please nice [at] (contact us) for more information on how to add additional materials or to correct an error. 

*You may qualify for multiple awards or categories check each website individually.


CS Teaching Excellence Awards These winners demonstrate their excellent work inspiring students to explore the computer science field; effectively engage students in learning rigorous, standards-aligned, computer science content; and a focus on broadening participation of underrepresented students in computing.
CYBER.ORG’s Educator Awards Honor educators deeply engaged in advancing cybersecurity literacy among the K-12 student population. The need for cybersecurity educators has never been more urgent, as the nation faces a shortage of over 597,000 professionals. The educators preparing and educating these students for futures in the cybersecurity workforce deserve to be recognized. Educators have a key role to play in building up the future cybersecurity workforce, which is not only vital to our economy, but also the nation’s overall security defense and cyber posture.
Presidential Cybersecurity Education Award The award is presented by the U.S. Secretary of Education to teachers in the field of cybersecurity to honor their contributions to the education of our nation’s students per Executive Order 13870. Categories: Elementary and Secondary level.
Innovations in Cybersecurity Education Awards and Recognition Program Recognizes cybersecurity educators for their advancements and innovation in their programs and helps accelerate adoptions of new ideas throughout the academic community. Categories: Evidence-based Strategies, Instruction, Practice, Program Development.


(ISC)² Global Achievement Awards (ISC)² recognizes individuals whose excellence, leadership and volunteer efforts have significantly advanced the cybersecurity industry and contributed to our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Categories: Diversity, Fellow of (ISC)², Government Professional, Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement, James R. Wade, Mid-Career Professional, Rising Star Professional, Senior Professional.
(ISC)² Global Achievement Awards (ISC)² recognizes individuals whose excellence, leadership and volunteer efforts have significantly advanced the cybersecurity industry and contributed to our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Categories: CEO, F. Lynn McNulty Tribute, and Chapter Recognition.
Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition In order to encourage the development of the scientific foundations of cybersecurity, the National Security Agency (NSA) established The Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition. NSA invites nominations of papers that show an outstanding contribution to cybersecurity science.
FISSEA Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Innovator Award Recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in information security awareness and training. Categories: FISSEA Security Awareness and Training Contest, FISSEA Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Innovator Award.
Information Sharing Hall of Fame Awards Recognize those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated the highest standards of professional competence and selflessness and have contributed significantly to the promotion of the information sharing ecosystem. Categories: Organization, Individual.
Julie Peeler Franz “Do It For The Children” Volunteer Award Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Formerly (ISC)² Foundation) Recognizes an individual who has significantly contributed to the betterment of internet safety. With a passion for cyber safety education and a desire to give back to their community, this recipient is considered an educator and mentor to their community ensuring a safe and secure online environment.
Michael J. Assante ICS Security Lifetime Achievement Award SANS acknowledges the work of a few, exceptional information security professionals each year through our ICS Security Lifetime Achievement awards.
NSA Research Directorate Awards Recognizes outstanding research in this field to encourage 9-12 high school student scientists to engage in STEM fields and in projects that have national security impact. Categories: Mathematics, Material Science, Cyber Pioneer, and in Science of Security.
SANS Difference Makers Awards Recognize cybersecurity practitioners who are leading innovative developments in the industry, who’ve made outstanding security achievements, and who are contributing back to the InfoSec community in ways that deserve recognition.
The Gordon E. Moore Award Recognizes outstanding 9-12 high school students from around the world who participate in the Intel ISEF. The winning project is selected on the basis of outstanding and innovative research, as well as on the potential impact.
World Leader for Peace and Cybersecurity Recognizes the world’s top leaders in addressing cybersecurity issues, in the three roles of government policy maker, business leader and internet practitioner.


Cybersecurity Impact Award Recognizes companies that have corporate or Federal headquarters in DC, Maryland, and Virginia only for their leadership and innovation within the cybersecurity industry.
Cyber Defense Global Awards Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of winners who have unique people, software, hardware, and many cloud-based solutions that might just help you get one step ahead of the next cybersecurity threat. Categories: See for complete list here.
CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Recognizes the top companies, products, innovation, and people in the cybersecurity industry today. See for complete categories list here
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Recognizes companies, products and individuals that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. Categories: See for complete list here
Fortress Cyber Security Awards Rewards the creative thinking, engineering, people and projects that are taking on the growing cybersecurity threat for the benefit of the global community. Categories: See for complete list here.
Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Honors companies, organizations and individuals that have protected businesses and government entities with their innovative cybersecurity products and/or outstanding cybersecurity services; demonstrated exemplary knowledge, expertise, leadership and innovative thinking; or made a significant contribution to Maryland’s cybersecurity ecosystem. Categories: See for complete list here.  
National Cybersecurity Hall of Fame Recognize global cybersecurity leaders while encouraging future generations to follow in their footsteps. These acknowledged individuals come together to tell the story of cybersecurity, who were credited for their excellence in technology, education, business, policy, and public awareness of the Cybersecurity Industry. Categories: Technology, Policy, Public Awareness, Education, and Business.
SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards Honor executive and professional leaders for their unique, inventive and inspiring contributions that improve security, shape the industry, provide thought leadership, and otherwise have a positive impact on cybersecurity. Categories: Advocates, Chief Information Officers, Influencers, Innovators, Non-Profit Founders, Outstanding Educators, and Outstanding Freshman, Privacy Leads/Data Protection Experts, Rising Stars, Thought Leaders, Threat Seekers, and Top Managers.
Computing Security Awards The Computing Security Awards recognize those companies, products and services that protect the critical digital infrastructure of organizations around the world. Categories: See for complete list here.   
Partner of the Year Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Formerly (ISC)² Foundation) Recognizes a company or organization where they and/or their employees/members donate their time, talent and treasure, to support and advance the Center’s programs to deliver vital cyber safety programs and/or scholarships to inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

Government Agencies

Cybersecurity Education Summit Leadership Awards Recognizes individuals in California state government organizations for their outstanding contributions, best practices and works of distinction in information security. Categories: Information Security Innovation Award, Excellence in Privacy Award, Cybersecurity Influencer Award, Newcomer of the Year Award, California State Information Security Leader of the Year, Information Security Woman of the Year, and Collaborative Team of the Year Award.
Cybersecurity Leadership & Innovation Awards Recognize the commitment, dedication, hard work and contributions of state and local government, education, healthcare organizations and leaders/innovators in cybersecurity technology services. Categories: State Government, County Government, City Government, Education, Leadership/Innovator- Healthcare, Leadership/Innovator- City Government, Leadership/Innovator- County Government, Leadership/Innovator- State Government, Leadership/Innovator- Education, and Special Award - Innovation.
FedScoop 50 Awards Recognize the best and the brightest who make the federal government more efficient and effective. These awards allow us to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our peers and acknowledge their tireless efforts to make a positive impact in the government community and in public service. Categories: Golden Gov, Federal Leadership, Industry Leadership, Disruptor of the Year, Cybersecurity Leader of the Year, Tech Champion of the Year, Most Inspiring Up & Comer, and Innovation of the Year.
Federal 100 Celebrates the exceptional federal individuals from industry and government who are transforming government and its ability to deliver on critical missions and use technology to make government run better.
Frank B. Rowlett Award Awarded to the federal government organization and individuals that makes the most significant contributions to the improvement of national cybersecurity, operational cybersecurity readiness, or the defensive cybersecurity operations posture of the United States. Categories: Organization and Individual.
GovX Awards Recognizes individuals and teams for their successful implementation of security processes and/or technology that have resulted in meaningful and measurable advances in security. Categories: Overall State, County, or City; Project Experience for City, County, or State; Federal Government Experience; Future Ready Award.
Created July 29, 2022, Updated September 21, 2022