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NICE Webinar: Understanding Interventions that Broaden Underrepresented Minority Participation in Cybersecurity Careers

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The PowerPoint slides used during this webinar can be found here .


Claudia Morrell
The STEM Equity Initiative

NICE Claudia Morrell

Gregory Hodges
The STEM Equity Initiative

NICE Greg Hodges

Tony Marshall
President & CEO
Innovative Systems Group

NICE Tony Marshall


The U.S. cybersecurity workforce is a strategic asset that protects the citizens, the homeland, and the American way of life. Expanding underrepresented minority participation in the U.S. cybersecurity workforce is critical in building a diverse group of practitioners who govern, design, defend, analyze, administer, operate, and maintain the data, systems, and networks on which our economy and way of life depend. Despite the introduction of a wide range of intervention programs, inadequate numbers of underrepresented minorities currently make up the cybersecurity workforce. To encourage members of underrepresented groups to pursue careers in cybersecurity, programs targeting pre-college, undergraduate and  graduate students, and career transitioners continue to grow. However, understanding of why some succeed and many more fail eludes us. This webinar will share the key factors contributing to and inhibiting success. To include:

  • Diversity hiring and why it should matter in your cybersecurity organization
  • Effective instructional strategies through the equitable learning environment model 
  • Proven strategies to broaden underrepresented minority participation in cybersecurity and other STEM related fields
  • Examples of successful diversity hiring programs


STEM Equity Initiative

Created July 17, 2019, Updated October 9, 2019