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NICE Webinar: Community-Based Partnerships for Cybersecurity

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)


NICE Webinar Community-Based Partnerships for Cybersecurity-20230621
NICE Webinar Community-Based Partnerships for Cybersecurity-20230621

The presentation slides are available here.

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Danielle Santos

Danielle Santos
Manager of Communications and Operations

Francie Genz
Credit: Francie Genz

Francie Genz
Co-Principal and Co-Founder
Institute for Networked Communities (INC)

Erik Cherkaski
Credit: Erik Cherkaski

Erik Cherkaski
Senior Manager
Jobs for the Future (JFF)


The Department of Commerce’s workforce development agenda is guided by a set of best practices and principles that values workforce investments that are employer led to connect skilled workers to quality job opportunities, guided by multiple community partners such as educational institutions and economic development organizations, and lead to stackable, industry-recognized credentials. Cybersecurity workforce needs exist in every sector of the economy; therefore, cross-sector and community-supported partnerships must align with the skill needs of industries in the regional or local economy.  This webinar will explore the foundations for creating multistakeholder, community-based partnerships that can lead to good jobs in cybersecurity.


Department of Commerce Workforce Development Best Practices and Principles
Career Pathways Systems
Good Jobs Principles
Jobs for the Future
Next Generation Sector Partnerships

Created May 2, 2023, Updated August 30, 2023