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NICE Webinar: Expanding Cybersecurity Learning and Workforce Opportunities for Rural Americans

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)

The presentation slides and recording will be available soon.

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Ann Manby
Credit: Ann Manby

Ann Manby
Chief Workforce Development Officer
Center for Workforce Inclusion

Dr. Mark R. Hagerott
Credit: Dr. Mark R. Hagerott

Dr. Mark R. Hagerott
North Dakota University System

Dr. Chris Sanders
Credit: Dr. Chris Sanders

Dr. Chris Sanders
Founder and Executive Director
Rural Tech Fund

Rodney Petersen (2023)
Credit: Rodney Petersen

Rodney Petersen


As we seek to attract underrepresented communities for the cybersecurity workforce, a demographic that is often overlooked and underserved are Americans who live in the rural and remote areas of the United States.  While rural America has become more economically diverse and access to information technology has improved in recent years, learners in rural areas still experience challenges as compared to their urban counterparts.  The challenges include limited broadband access, limited access to quality education and training, sparse job opportunities, lack of economic diversity, and transportation or community barriers*.  However, as rural broadband access improves, access to online learning content becomes ubiquitous, and remote work or telework becomes more prevalent, it seems that rural Americans represent an untapped resource for addressing the cybersecurity workforce needs of employers.  This webinar will explore promising practices and policies for expanding access and opportunity for rural Americans to pursue cybersecurity careers.

*Source: Navigating Challenges Faced by Rural American job Seekers: A Comprehensive Guide (Center for Workforce Inclusion, August 22, 2023)


Navigating Challenges Faced by Rural American Job Seekers
Rural Technology Fund
Time for a Digital-Cyber Land Grant System

Created January 16, 2024, Updated February 21, 2024