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Cybersecurity Paths and Ladders Webinar

NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Paths and Ladders
NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Paths and Ladders

The presentation slides are available here.

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Opening Remarks: 

Jimmy Baker Photo
Credit: Jimmy Baker

Jimmy Baker
NICE Career Working Group Co-Chair 
Cybersecurity Evangelist and Author

Keith Davis
Credit: Keith Davis

Keith Davis
NICE Career Working Group Co-Chair 
President and CEO
Camden Dream Center Technology Training School


Karl Cureton
Credit: Karl Cureton

Karl Cureton
NICE Career Working Group Co-Chair
Chairman and CEO 
Council Exchange Board of Trade
Minority Tech Industry Advocate 

Mary Chanley
Credit: Mary Chanley

Mary N. Chaney, Esq.
Chairwoman, CEO and President
Minorities in Cybersecurity, Inc.

Elizabeth Green
Credit: Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green
Link Consulting

Lorne Joseph
Credit: Lorne Joseph

Lorne Joseph

David Tobey

David H. Tobey, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Principal Investigator
National CyberWatch Center
Prince George's Community College



Navigating an inclusive career landscape in cybersecurity requires many entry points and spans across many industries.  Hear from a panel of both subject matter experts and cybersecurity practitioners who have advice and insight on how best to gain traction on our future career success.  Learn more about the role of the NICE Promote Career Discovery Working Group and how you might participate in future projects with the Working Group.


Cybersecurity Career Week
Promote Career Discovery Working Group

Created October 4, 2023, Updated October 24, 2023