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NICE Webinar: Cybersecurity Workforce Outlook for 2024 - Impact of Changing Demographics

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)
Cybersecurity Workforce Outlook for 2024: Impact of Changing Demographics
Cybersecurity Workforce Outlook for 2024: Impact of Changing Demographics

The presentation slides are available here

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W Markow Photo
Credit: Will Markow

Will Markow
Vice President of Applied Research- Talent

Carolyn Balkin
Credit: Carolyn Balkin

Carolyn Balkin
Vice President and General Manager

Rodney Petersen (2023)
Credit: Rodney Petersen

Rodney Petersen


As the NICE Community continues to work towards growing and sustaining the Nation’s cybersecurity workforce, significant trends and shifts in demographics will impact education, training, and workforce development programs in 2024 and beyond.  For example, the U.S. is experiencing a declining birthrate, college enrollment is down, workers from the “great resignation” are not returning at the rate that was expected, and the aging workforce will result in more retirements in the months ahead.  Combined with record low unemployment and competing demands in other technology and service fields, the cybersecurity community may need to rethink their approach and double-down on efforts to diversify the workforce.  This webinar will examine the changing demographics of the U.S. workforce and its impact on cybersecurity. 

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Created November 13, 2023, Updated February 12, 2024