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International Tour of Cybersecurity Careers: Stories Told by Current Practitioners

International Tour of Cybersecurity Careers Stories Told by Current Practitioners
International Tour of Cybersecurity Careers Stories Told by Current Practitioners

The presentation slides are available here.

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Danielle Santos Photo 2023

Danielle Santos
Manager of Communications and Operations and Lead for International Engagement

Jonathan Joynt
Credit: Jonathan Joynt

Jonathan Joynt
Cybersecurity Instructor
Learning Hub
Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Paola Cerrato-D'amico
Credit: Paola Cerrato-D'amico

Paola Cerrato-D'amico
Strategic Partnerships and Industry Engagement
Australian Signals Directorate 

Kat Walker
Credit: Kat Walker

Kat Walker
Technology Consultant (Cyber)


Ben Creet
Credit: Ben Creet

Ben Creet
Principal Advisor
New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre



In support of Cybersecurity Career Week, this webinar will explore the many different pathways to a career in cybersecurity. We will hear from current practitioners from around the world about their own experiences and how they got started in the field. We will also discuss the skills that are essential for success in cybersecurity, regardless of your background.

Attendees will gain insights on:

  • The different types of cybersecurity careers
  • How to break into the cybersecurity field
  • The challenges and rewards of working in cybersecurity
  • How to prepare for a career of life-long learning in cybersecurity


Cybersecurity Career Week October 16-21, 2023

Created September 12, 2023, Updated October 24, 2023