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Mixed-Reality Firefighting Simulator Built with VALOR: Interactive WebXR Demo

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VALOR_Tech Demo
VALOR_Tech Demo
Demo participants with WebXR capable web browsers will be able to interact with this web-based port of our immersive mixed-reality firefighting simulation. Demo visitors can engage with the 3D experience through a traditional flat screen computer interface or from within a virtual reality headset. A passive recording will also be available for those without a WebXR capable browser. We will demonstrate a variety of elements from the full VALOR simulation, including the apartment environment, live fires, operation of a hose nozzle to suppress fires, and exploration of the space to find and save a baby.
Update: WebXR will no longer be used as the platform for this demonstration.


  • john [at] (John Blackwell), Diamond Age Technology

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Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 27, 2020