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Mixed Reality Training and Testing Facility for First Responders (VALOR)

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VALOR_On-Demand Session
VALOR_On-Demand Session
We will discuss the practical utility of the current simulation, the technical progress made during the last two years, experiment designs, and the intended next steps for our research and development. We will provide an immersive tour of the virtual reality firefighter simulation environment, including its relation to real-world objects in the mixed reality training facility, and the capabilities of the core software infrastructure built on VALOR, the Virtual and Augmented Laboratory for Objective Realities. The mixed reality facility is designed for training and testing of first responders as well as for use as a validated virtual testbed for assessing the impact of new technologies on first responders. Mixed reality training offers many of reality’s benefits with few of its drawbacks. Its digital nature allows us to prepare for more types of emergency events in less time and provides better opportunities to improve performance through data. As a product deployment testbed, it offers economic efficiencies and rapid iteration opportunities. The ultimate goal of VALOR is to save the lives and resources of first responders and the public they serve.


  • John Blackwell, Diamond Age Technology

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Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 28, 2020