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Lidar Mapping and LTS Measurement Techniques

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Lidar Mapping and LTS Measurement_Tech Demo
Lidar Mapping and LTS Measurement_Tech Demo
The Location-Based Services (LBS) portfolio focuses on indoor mapping, tracking, and navigation. At this demonstration, we will have examples of the technology we have been working with recently. This includes lidar, which can be used to quickly produce high fidelity maps, and several approaches that could be used to measure the accuracy of indoor tracking systems, such as AprilTags, an optimized QR code that can be used to estimate the user’s position.


  • joseph.grasso [at] (Joseph Grasso)NIST PSCR
  • charlsea.hansen [at] (Charlsea Hansen)NIST PSCR

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Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 26, 2020