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Hancock County Public Schools Indoor Mapping

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Hancock County Public Schools Indoor Mapping_On-Demand Session
Hancock County Public Schools Indoor Mapping_On-Demand Session
Indoor mapping is the next big frontier for the geospatial field. Lack of adequate indoor maps is a well-documented public safety issue reasserted with each building fire, earthquake, mass shooting, and other tragedies. While technology exists capable of mapping buildings, very few standards and best practices are available to create reliable, affordable, and consistent indoor maps.The Point Cloud City Hancock County, Mississippi grant project allows public safety and geospatial subject matter experts to work hand in hand with federal oversight to further develop approaches that improve indoor mapping techniques and datasets in the US to make them more common. Because Hancock County is a rural area, any approach used here should be applicable nationwide.



  • Joel Lawhead, Hancock County
  • Wayne Francis, Hancock County

Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 21, 2020