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User Defined Video Analytics and Integrated Alerting for Public Safety

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User Defined Video Analytics_On-Demand
User Defined Video Analytics_On-Demand
Use of video camera systems has become common across various public safety agencies. While the manual review of captured video can be beneficial, there are a growing number of applications that would benefit from automated analyses of captured video. In the recent past, considerable attempts have been made towards video analytics for monitoring, e.g. analytics for automatic left object (baggage) detection, or line (perimeter) crossing are common today. While more advanced and sophisticated analytics can be designed and developed, the ingestion of resulting information to facilitate communication and timely response from first responders requires the integration of video analytic methods with existing information management and communication systems. Typical video systems leverage a video management system (VMS) to record video from cameras and push event information into a public safety information management system (PSIM). The PSIM is often used as the information management and communication system to define standard operating processes for each event, which in turn facilitates planning and response. In this session, we will discuss our learnings on how video analytics can be enabled for first responders and public safety personnel.


  • Julie Stroup, University of Houston
  • Tony Weldon, University of Houston
  • Shishir Shah, University of Houston

Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 28, 2020