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The Testing-as-a-Service Approach: An Enabler of Flexible MCS Certification

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Testing-as-a-Service Approach_On-Demand Session
Testing-as-a-Service Approach_On-Demand Session
The Mission Critical Services (MCS) Testing-as-a-Service approach aims to fulfill the needs of the mission critical and public safety community in terms of compliance testing. Our goal is to drive innovation for public safety by making compliance with open standards more accessible to all. Developing and deploying compliance remote testing services will allow not only the industry to prove the 3GPP standards-compliance of their implementation, but will also give the public safety users and operators the confidence to buy compliant products.Unlike traditional mobile phone testing environments in which both service -software- and hardware are bundled in the device to be tested, assembled, and certified by a single vendor, in the MCS ecosystem most of the time the device manufacturer is not the same as the MCS client provider. Then, instead of expensive testing equipment targeting markets of billions of smartphones, the flexible MCS-TaaSting approach enables cost-efficient, regular and frequent testing, re-testing, certification and recertification of the myriad and increasing combinations of devices, operating systems, middleware and applications in the MCS ecosystem.Furthermore, the testing service will also be made available through LTE hardware that is capable of evaluating the specific Mission Critical features from LTE including the radio interface elements.


  • Fidel Liberal, University of the Basque Country
  • TJ Kennedy, PSTA
  • Walt Magnussen, TAMU

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Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 27, 2020