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Tech to Protect - Year in Review

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Tech to Protect_On-Demand Session.mp4
Tech to Protect_On-Demand Session.mp4
Launched in April 2019, the Tech to Protect Challenge is over one year old. This session will look back at the progress to date, highlight recent national award winners, and share the next steps for participants moving forward.

Click here to view this presentation as a PDF. 


  • Craig Connelly PSCR
  • Margaret Pinson, NTIA
  • Bill Schrier, First Responder Network Authority
  • Jason Kahn, PSCR
  • Charles Hardnett, First Responder Network Authority 
  • Gary Howarth, PSCR
  • Zach Braun, FireHUD
  • Lauren Scluzas, Bio1 Systems
  • Austin S. Handle, Apollo AI
  • Levis Adissi, AR Extrication Assist - AREA

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Created May 16, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020