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Situational Awareness for Emergencies Through Network-Enabled Technologies


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SafeT-Net will develop new localization algorithms for low-cost devices that can obtain position information using different radio technologies including ultra-wideband and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. An important aspect of SafeT-Net is to provide position information using lightweight and inexpensive end-user communication devices with limited hardware capabilities. Specifically, signal processing techniques and statistical inference algorithms are developed to mitigate measurement uncertainty and obtain desirable localization performance. Another important aspect of SafeT-Net is to exploit multipath propagation to improve the localization accuracy. In particular, multipath phenomena are exploited by inferring the indoor propagation environment together with transmitter/receiver positions. The presented methods are promising as demonstrated by simulation and experiment results.


  • Moe Z. Win, MIT

Created May 21, 2020, Updated October 21, 2020