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QUARC: Implementation of a Real-Time Adjustable Degraded Communications System

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QUARC_On-Demand Session
QUARC_On-Demand Session
Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is developing a framework for the evaluation of mission critical voice (MCV) quality of experience (QoE) for first responders operating in real field scenarios. The research team is developing a suite of software tools for the simulation, recording, and evaluation of LMR and LTE voice communication systems with the ability to concurrently vary four proposed key performance indicators (KPI) and evaluate the quality of experience for active-duty operators and first responders. Moreover, GTRI is developing a dedicated wearable digital communication system with the purpose of collecting data during real operating scenarios by measuring objective and subjective outcomes, recording data in input and output of each communication system and recording the overall scenario. Furthermore, GTRI will leverage outcomes to design, develop, and validate a model for QoE for public safety users. The GTRI ARTEMIS-QUARC project will integrate with the ARTEMIS (usability testbed for first responders), seamlessly enabling a Virtual Test Facility for the collection of real-time, objective data.


  • Alessio Medda, Georgia Tech Research Institute

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Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 27, 2020