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Expanded Use of the SIM Card Demo

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SoloSim_Tech Demo
SoloSim_Tech Demo
PSCR and a few partnering entities finished a recent PSCR sponsored prize challenge, the Expanding the SIM Card Use for Public Safety. The challenge requested solvers’ assistance to explore the possibilities and prove the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), commonly known as the SIM card, can be used as a secure storage container for application credentials. This demo will give an overview of how the winning solution for the prize challenge was able to create their solution. Further, the demo will go through the mobile application that was developed for the prize challenge, and perform a registration and authentication with credentials store on the SIM card.


  • michael.bartock [at] (Michael Bartock)NIST PSCR
  • Conor Patrick, SoloSIM

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Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 26, 2020