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Envisioning AR Vision Enhancement in Reduced Visibility Environments

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Envisioning AR Vision Enhancement_Tech Demo
Envisioning AR Vision Enhancement_Tech Demo
Tune in to this video of engineers from the UIUX and LBS portfolios to see how they combines the power of lidar building scans with an Augmented Reality headset to produce an enhanced visualization of the structure of a building. This type of visualization demonstrates a concept that could allow police officers to see through walls or firefighters to navigate through smoky environments.

This demonstration is a collaboration between the User Experience / User Interface and Location Based Services research portfolios.


  • joseph.grasso [at] (Joseph Grasso)NIST PSCR
  • charlsea.hansen [at] (Charlsea Hansen)charlsea.hansen [at] (,) NIST PSCR
  • paul.merritt [at] (Paul Merritt)NIST PSCR
Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 26, 2020