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Cameras That Understand Your Needs

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Cameras That Understand Your Needs_On-Demand
Cameras That Understand Your Needs_On-Demand
Escalating video consumption drives the industry to seek more wireless bandwidth and higher visual quality at lower bandwidths. With the varied methods for content generation and distribution, better standalone tools are a must to drive experiences consumers expect. Improved methods to evaluate visual quality will help industry develop products and improve services. The missing component is no-reference (NR) metrics that perform image and video quality assessment. This presentation describes ongoing work with the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) to develop open-source NR metrics that meet industry requirements for scope, accuracy, and capability. We will describe industry specifications from discussions at VQEG face-to-face meetings among industry, academic, and government participants. Attendees will be invited to share their unique needs.


  • Margaret Pinson, National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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Created May 12, 2020, Updated October 21, 2020